Our corporate culture guarantees you:

  • Rigorous follow-up of your orders
  • A tailor-made quality service
  • Efficient and perfectly bilingual staff
  • ​Real-time transmission of information
  • ​Logistics advice tailored to your needs

We provide you with professionals who will help you free of charge to:

  • Evaluate your needs in terms of Logistics
  • Find the most interesting transport solutions in terms of cost and time
  • Ensure the reliability of your imports/exports

Looking for a logistics partner?

With an extensive network of agents present in all geographical areas.

We have 2 Agencies, in Australia and New Caledonia.

In addition, with an extensive network of agents present in all geographical areas, we are committed to providing total support of your shipments regardless of the place and mode of transport from your suppliers’ warehouses to customs clearance and delivery to your warehouses.